Planning a trip to downtown Beaufort? There are over 500 convenient, public access parking spaces throughout downtown Beaufort.

Planning to spend the day downtown?

If you plan to take a tour of the historic district, indulge in fine food and stroll the shops in the core district, park in the long-term, metered spaces in the parking lot at the downtown marina or use the on-street parking on Craven Street. Long-term metered parking is also less expensive per coin, so you get more time for your money.

Looking for a short-term solution?

If you are making a quick trip downtown, use on-street parking on Bay, Port Republic, West, Carteret or Charles or Scott Streets. These spaces tend to have a higher turnover making it more convenient for you to access downtown for a short time period.

Got business on Boundary?

Many businesses located along or near Boundary Street have free parking for customers. Take advantage of this amenity and support the restaurants, shops and service businesses located in the Boundary Street area.